There’s more coming soon

I’ve got quite a bit of writing to do in the next few weeks, my book and TV reviews need writing and publishing asap – before I watch and read any more!

I’ll be working on these probably fairly slowly in the next week or so, as my shoulder condition – that’s a very long story (6 years it’s been giving me trouble, so far) – is forcing me to do a bit less for a few days.  Keep an eye on the crownjulesreviews blog later.  I also really want to write some science and business based articles, but will have to spend time properly researching those before actually publishing them.  I’ve just created a second job for myself!  Oh well.

Frustrating as it is, however, I have no choice but to concede defeat for a little while.  You win this round, shoulder.

To be continued.. (as they say)

Migraine Awareness Week

My struggle with migraines

I just wanted to write a short update (well it started out as short) to describe how suffering with migraines interferes with having a normal life. I’ve had an attack today, and as it happens it’s Migraine Awareness Week, which is run by the Migraine Trust at Quite frankly, migraines are the main reason that I have missed more than my fair share of days at work (something which I am constantly in trouble for).

Put simply, migraines ruin my life.

A typical attack can occasionally be preceded with very minor symptoms, like light sensitivity, which if I notice early enough (sadly I don’t very often) can sometimes mean I take my medication in time to stave it off. Most of the time, however, I wake up with huge sections missing from my field of vision. I.e. I am semi-BLIND. These “missing” sections actually resemble the grey static that you used to see on TV (before the digital age, that is) – with black and white geometric patterns zig-zagging their way around the edges.

At the same time, I feel incredibly nauseous (the whole world is after all moving, flickering and flashing), sometimes I am actually sick, and I have a headache so bad that I wish I could knock myself out to avoid feeling the pain.  The headache itself is usually behind and around one or other of my eyes (it can be either, and it can move from one side to the other and back during the course of a single attack), down the side of my face, and down my neck.  I have a numbness/tingling sensations in my extremities; notably my hands, feet and tongue.  I also get very scatty-brained, and can not properly form a sentence or organise my thoughts to communicate coherently (both verbally and written – I’ve got into trouble saying and doing the wrong things that way also).

Emotionally I feel like I’m letting myself and everybody down, my work colleagues, my friends, my family.  When I try and talk to people about my condition it comes across as me winging or moaning, and I end up pissing people off.  Consequently I feel very worried, upset and angry at the same time as having the physical/medical symptoms, and I can end up being on the defensive, and can come across as aggressive.  It’s never my intention.

I have a plethora of drugs which are an attempt to manage this condition.  I take pizotifen every single day as a prophylactic, and I have both sumitriptan (Imigran) and Migraleve to relieve an attack. They don’t always work.

Finally, in general I feel the need to shy away from friends, be distant to work colleagues, ignore a large number of my family; because after all “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Even before starting my MBA studies, now finished, I didn’t have much of a social life. Staying inside and studying was actually not the problem, but a sort of solution to the fact that I didn’t want to risk going out with people. Going out and having a good time releases endorphins in the brain – and that’s one of my (many) triggers. Having fun can bring on an attack. Lucky me. That’s why I stay in.

For more information on this condition please take a look at the Migraine Awareness Week pages and the Migraine Trust FAQ.

MBA Project Banner

No More Book-Learning for Me

This one’s just a very quick post to finalise my progress on my postgraduate studies.  Which is to say:


Hooray!  Thank goodness for that!  If there’s one lesson learned, it’s that I’m done with academia.  Not that all the hard work wasn’t worth it, of course it was, and if you’re looking to choose a university yourself for business studies then definitely have a look at what the University of Hertfordshire has on offer.  I’ve made some great friends, and plenty of new colleagues with whom I am certain to collaborate in the future.

So, there are three more letters that I can add to my name.  Excellent.  Now to order some new business cards!


MBA Dissertation Done!


Well, this is just a short and sweet post to celebrate that I HAVE FINISHED MY MBA DISSERTATION!  WOO HOO!

It’s all handed in, and the results are now in the hands of the gods (so to speak).  I started with all the best intentions to “do well”, but now at the end of the whole course I will be happy with just a pass!

*fingers firmly crossed*

What’s also excellent, is that I will be able to start writing about some of the other (hugely wide range of) subjects that I am interested in, and actually post on here more regularly.  And, you know, go out places and see what the UK and the rest of the world has to offer outside of a classroom or office!  That’s the plan anyway.

Until next time..


Learning – How I do it Vs how you’re “supposed” to do it.

Throughout my years of study and work, I have come to a conclusion regarding how I pick up and learn new skills and subjects: the way subjects are taught in school or university, is not the way I actually learn.  I don’t think I have ever been “taught” anything.  If I want to learn something, then I go out and discover it for myself.

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I know I’m stressed, but that’s not such a bad thing.

I’ve been told recently that I should avoid stressful situations, because stress causes migraines.  That’s a very simplistic take on an extremely complex subject.  I’m not sure that avoiding stress is even possible, or more realistically, should I?  I may not get out of bed in the morning.  Ever again.

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