Crochet jacket of awesome!

Hello again internet.
My summer project has been to follow a crochet pattern and make myself a new item of clothing, ready for the colder winter months. I’ve always enjoyed crochet, but almost never do I actually finish what I start! I’m happy to say that I’ve actually succeeded in completing something this time! Yay me!

The original pattern was a free one that I found on the web, via Pinterest.

Blogspot – Vickie Howell – Sheepish Penny Arcade Jacket

It was all in American terminology (we English use slightly different terms for the stitches), and suggested that you use a yarn type that you can’t buy here in the UK! So it was ultimately a bit of a guessing game, but the end product does fit me! Therefore I class it as a success!

To start with I made the back piece:


Next, I created the left front:


For the right front, I had to manually reverse the shaping instructions. The pattern has a definite right and wrong side, but the instructions simply said “make 2”. The shape at the top would have been wrong, had I followed the pattern exactly.


I then created both sleeves, and was able to piece some of it together so that I could try it on to see if it needed any adjustments. I ended up adding a few additional rows under the arms, as it was a little tight at first. The collar was the last section before piecing it all together; and finally the edge trimming around the front and collar.

It took approx 3 months to make in total, only working on random evenings and weekends.

The finished result:


(Next time I’ll remember to smile in my photos!)



I quite like it, and I’ve had several nice comments from family and friends. I am glad that I managed to complete it before my MBA university course starts up again in a couple of weeks.  Else it would have likely sat on the side incomplete for months, possibly forever!



5 thoughts on “Crochet jacket of awesome!”

  1. hi there…i must say u did a great job it looks wonderful
    im also working on same project and i need some help….i have completed back and left front but stuck at right front…how did u reverse that??? im trying to reverse at armhole but im failing badly
    can u guide a bit, would be a huge favor 🙂

    1. Hi, so it’s been a while since I’ve looked at this pattern, but what I did from the start of “Shape Armhole and Neck” of the pattern, was to read the instructions for each row BACKWARDS! An example is:

      The row 1 of this section ENDS by leaving the remaining stitches unworked, so you must begin by slip-stitching through that same number of stitches to start the pattern from where you would have ended… then reading that row backwards gives:
      “sc2tog over next sc and first ch of ch-2 sp, sk next 2 sc, *sk next sc, sc in next sc, 5 dc in next ch-3 sp; repeat from * to (the last ch3 sp), 5 dc in next ch-3 sp”

      Row 1 STARTS by slip stitching across – but you won’t need to as your next row will start from this point, so you just need to fasten the 5dc with a sc, then TURN

      Then read row 2 backwards in this same way. You’ll probably do best to write out the instructions backwards first, and then follow your own version. Reversing on the fly did get me quite confused at times, and I had to re-do a few rows! If you get stuck, give me a shout!

      1. thank you so much…i m so glad u replied
        i tried reversing before and now worked according to your instructions too and i must say it helped me a lot. thank you again
        cheers, from Pakistan 🙂

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