Christian Kane & Friends @ Dingwalls

Earlier this week me and a friend went to see Christian Kane, Brian Nutter, Riley Smith and Jenn Bostic at an amazing and intimate concert at Dingwalls in Camden, London.  I’ve been a big fan of Christian Kane for many, many years (I spent a year living in Oklahoma as part of my first degree in 2002, and found out a bit about him back then) in my opinion he’s got the best singing voice of any male vocalist around today.  I was less familiar with his friends attending the event, it’s great to find out about other new talent.  It’s also really great going to smaller venues to see some of the lesser-known artists, as you get much more of a personal experience.  I was also very impressed with Dingwalls in Camden.  Great atmosphere, good sound set up, and not too over-priced at the bar!

We found out that it was in fact Jenn Bostic’s very first UK appearance, and a good many of us got our hands on advance copies of her album!  She has appeared just this morning on BBC Breakfast news performing one of her songs.  So it looks like its exciting times for her!

Brian Nutter plays for the Keith Urban band (apparently!) but is also a very talented solo artist.. check him out (and get a free copy of one of his songs off his website!).

Riley Smith is the lead in the band The Life of Riley, and is also an actor.

And the main event was Christian Kane!  Those of you who watch the TV show Leverage on TNT in the US and FX in the UK will know him as the “Hitter” Elliot Spencer.  And casting your minds further back, he was the lawyer Lindsay on Angel (Buffy spin-off).  He’s also done many other TV shows and movies.  He’s a damn fine actor – but he’s an absolutely brilliant musician!

I’ve started compiling a few of the YouTube videos that are slowly getting uploaded into a playlist, I encourage you all to take a look and listen:  Christian Kane & Friends on my Channel

And for more information on each of the artists check out their various website links:


4 thoughts on “Christian Kane & Friends @ Dingwalls

  1. It was a pretty awesome gig. I was there for Brian Nutter and The Life Of Riley, moreso than Christian (used to be a fan, but a previous gig he lost me) but definitely left the gig more of a fan that I was before. I completely fell in love with Jenn and got myself a copy of her CD.
    And I ended up going to the Birmingham and Manchester gigs as well! 😀

    1. Jenn was great, grabbed myself a copy of her album too. The last time I saw Kane was in London in 2010, and I was generally less enthralled with the venue – not good sound, and you had to watch your step! Dingwalls was actually way better than I expected. I recommend that place to anyone.

  2. sadly enough I couldn’t be there for the gig but I had the pleasure to see CK and the others at con2 and as usual he did a wonderful job!

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