Internet Notoriety!

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks so far!  (Despite getting that nasty chest infection that seems to have done the rounds! *cough*).  Most events seem to centre around twitter.. who doesn’t love a bit of twitter fame, huh?  I know I do.

My last blog post made “The Kaniac’s Daily”, thanks to Faye @mommanoo.

I won a Firefly-inspired T-shirt from Geek Chic Tees – thanks to the randomness of twitter.  “You Can’t Take The Sky” – one of my favourite designs (which I actually missed when it was available from one of those “24 hour designs” websites).

Further miscellaneous tweeting got a small (but significant) response from the @nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick.  Which was quite a *squee* moment for me (Yes, I am very easily pleased..).

And finally, after the concert last week, and by compiling videos of the perfomances to a YouTube playlist (see my previous post), I have gained following by @JennBostic herself!

Oh, yes.  And I also had an assignment to write for my MBA.  Which was really dull, and hardly worth shouting about.

Ah, Internet.  Momentary fame is sweet.  I know, however that you are a fickle mistress and will probably vanish on me next week!  Such is life in the twitterverse!

Until next time, dear readers.  CJx

(Enjoy your burrito)


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