I am the walking dead!

Since the last time I posted a quick update, I quite literally haven’t stopped!  I’m essentially doing 7 days per week, what with work work, university homework, business trips, classes.. etc.  Consequently, I feel somewhat like the walking dead!  I don’t know what is going on!  Or what day it is.  (What day is it? Anyone?!)

Wow!  It’s been a crazy few weeks.  And it’s nearly (but not quite) over.  Since the middle of January, I’ve had work during the week, followed by exams over the first weekend, then work, a trip to Texas to meet our equivalent MBA group from Texas Tech University for a specific project, work again, classes all the next weekend, work, a Saturday class, Sunday housework, WORK!, classes AGAIN all the next weekend, More WORK.. and that brings me up to today!  *harumph*

It is, of course good to be busy (I’m certainly not bored!), but it would be better if I could concentrate on one or two things and get them done.  I’ve not been able to devote more than an hour to any one  task for weeks.  I’ve got a few more things coming up over the next few weeks, but at least I don’t have classes over the next 2 weekends!  I do, however have homework to do.. it’s never ending!  I think, whoever put the schedules together this year didn’t really put much thought into it.

We’ve also yet to get the results back after the January exams, so we don’t have any idea if we’ve got through last semester!  The results were posted mid Feb last year.. so we’re waiting with anticipation!  There was very little feedback, so its difficult to gauge progress this time round.  Still, *fingers crossed*!

I will have to write up a post based on our trip to Texas, which was enjoyable.  In addition to getting some good work done, and building a good relationship with TTU (we got some great feedback from the team and tutors), we also learned the Texan Two-Step, and ate our own weight in tacos and steaks!

But, at least – despite my migraines becoming more and more frequent with the lack of relaxation, and my shoulder killing me non-stop (I can barely feel my right hand most of the time) – I’m still here!  Still plodding along… if only at the pace of a zombie!

Until next time…

(Mmm… BRAINS!)


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