Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins IV (BONES)

For the past day, I’ve been re-watching BONES season 1.  I’ve followed this show right from the beginning.  I’ve read loads of Kathy Reichs’ books over the years, and this show has been another staple in my life for the past 9-10 years.  As I write this season 10 has yet to air on UK television.  But it’s coming very soon!

I’m only up to episode 5 (of my re-watch), but one detail has reminded me of my encounter with TJ Thyne AKA Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins IV at London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) this past summer (2014).  That detail is the rubber band that Hodgins wears on his wrist as an anger management tool.  All of a sudden I remember the story that he told, not to me directly but to one of the people just ahead of me in the autograph queue, that he still wears that band on his wrist to this day.  He was wearing it at the convention.  That’s 10 years!  It’s such a tiny detail, but it’s a testament to how well-loved these characters are by the actors, and all involved, that sometimes the fantasy blurs into reality.

TJ spent a lot of time with each of the fans at LFCC, we each got the chance to have a proper conversation with him; which is different from the norm at these events.  Usually you barely get to say “hello” before your time is up and it’s on to the next person in line.  I got the chance to tell him that Hodgins and Angela are my favourite on-screen couple!  Hooray!  And it transpired that this was his first time to the UK since he was 18 and looking to go to drama school.  TJ also brought some beautiful photographs from behind the scenes on BONES, and also some bugs (from bug boy!).  Because of the fact that he was spending a decent amount of time with each fan, the queue was extremely slow – but it was well worth the wait.  By the sounds of things on twitter later, he was the last celebrity in the building, still signing and chatting past closing time.  Well done TJ, and thanks.  A lovely, lovely man.


My Loot from London Film and Comic Con 2014. The King of the Lab bought us all bugs!
Look at my shiny loot from London Film and Comic Con 2014. The King of the Lab bought us all bugs!

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