Shoulder Pain – Migraine?

I have been doing my research of late with regard to my migraines. At the same time, I’ve been looking into what may be causing my constant and intense shoulder pain (which doctors and surgeons have yet to diagnose or explain; after SIX YEARS).

This evening I was suffering an inexplicable pain in my good arm, not unlike that of bad days with my bad arm. It was really beginning to bother me, and then I also started to get a headache. Not wanting to write off my Friday night, I took a migraine drug just in case. My headache has eased off AND my arm has stopped hurting.

Now I was reading recently about the different ways a migraine aura can present itself. There is the often talked about visual disturbances and partial blindness; but I also found out about sensory aura.

A sensory aura presents itself as “phantom pain” often in the upper limbs and extremities. That sounds familiar. Could it be that my “shoulder condition” is in fact more closely related to my migraines? Could I have been suffering persistent migraine symptoms for six years straight? I’m beginning to wonder.

Good job I have a science background and can research these things for myself. So far the medical professionals haven’t come up with the best explanations as of yet. Although I give some credit to the representative of a pain management clinic I’ve spoken to, who has recently suggested treating my two conditions simultaneously and more appropriately.

Hopefully some progress will begin to be made.

To be continued…


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