About Me

Hello Internet!  My name is Jules and I live in the Leighton Buzzard/Milton Keynes area of England.  I have recently completed an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with the University of Hertfordshire, which I studied part-time whilst also working full-time as a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Practitioner and Sustainability
Consultant.  Now I’m trying to pick up everything that I had left behind, including getting my social life back and keeping my house in some semblance of order.  Maybe I’ll get round to actually decorating this place… maybe.

My interests are wide ranging to the extreme!  From Science & Technology, Gadgets & Gizmos, Art & Crafts, Crochet, Sketching, Movies & TV, Books, YouTube, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, the list goes on and on… I’ll also often manage to link up any and all of the above in one idea or sentence – therefore making it difficult for anyone to really follow my train of thought.

I’ve now also tried to create related blogs for specific topic areas, so feel free to browse around them all.

So, if you can follow me: follow me!  Follow me here and on twitter @crownjulesb.  Do you follow?

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