New Theme – but strangely familiar…

Having browsed through quite a few of these themes, I stumbled across this one..

For my day job I work in sustainability, so the green theme aligns quite well with that.  Also, it just so happens that the illustrated girl on the side bar actually looks quite like me!  And her dress sense is also similar to mine.  Spooky!  So thank you to the designer.. I’m claiming this one as my own.

As I’m in to all sorts of different things, expect these posts to be totally random, but I’ll try to categorise them as I go.

As for social stuff, I’m off to an event in Milton Keynes at the weekend – Collectormania MK ( where I’ll be stalking.. I mean, saying hello… to a couple of well-known faces from TV and movies.  Looking forward to it!  I will be able to use this space to post some pics at a later date.

Laters!  CJ x

Edit: To be honest I’m not liking that the default text alignment is “justify”. I would much rather it was left-aligned. It just looks neater. Unfortunately, if I want to make that tiny change, I have to pay the subscription fee to use the customisable css options. Still, I like the rest of the design, so it will just have to stay like it! So apologies if some of the formatting looks a little “off”, particularly in the sidebar. It just is what it is!

Day One…

Well, its probably time I started a blog. No real reason.. But you know, the whole world seems to have one, and each is entitled to their opinion! Therefore so am I! The contents of this blog, should I ever get round to using it frequently enough, are entirely my thoughts and opinions. And will probably be nothing but nonsense anyway! Read if you dare! Cheers, everyone. See you in cyberspace! CJ x