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A Cluttered Mind

So much to do!  And yet, even though I now have more time to devote to my passions of reading, drawing, creating, and chilling out on the sofa watching the good-ol’ telly, I’m not getting through my list fast enough!  I think, the main problem is that I have so many options now, that I don’t know what to pick first – and I procrastinate – and I swap projects every five minutes (or do three things at once) – but only ever finish things once in a blue moon.

See, I’m in the middle of reading a great book, but every time I pick up the book, I drop off to sleep!  Which is in no way a commentary on the content on the book – I’m just tired!

Granted I’m getting over a virus from last week, which has slowed me down.  I think I’m very very impatient when it comes to illnesses.  They drag on far too long; and because I’m often suffering with migraines at the same time, it’s quite frankly a pain in the arse! Brain no worky…

Something tells me that I will have to design a schedule for my “free-time”!  That way I might actually accomplish something..  So many books to finish, paintings to try out, blog posts about TV shows that I watched over Christmas – which will be old-news by the time I get round to them..

Anyhoo!  That’s enough procrastinating (again!).  Back to work..


Too tired to read, let’s revisit Twin Peaks instead…

well, I was going to sit and attempt to finish reading my book.  I’m a few chapters into “A Scandal In Bohemia” and I want to see how that story originally ended according to Arthur Conan Doyle.  Sadly, I’m pretty exhausted this evening and I think I’ll get only one page in before I’ll be snoozing!

Instead, I think I’ll begin a re-watch of Twin Peaks right from the beginning!  As there’s some indication that we might be getting some new mystery from this town in 2016, why not re-visit that familiar old and kooky place?  Now, what happened to Laura Palmer again?  And where can I get some of that damn fine coffee?

Agent Dale Cooper is as sweet as cherry pie.  I love him almost as much as our Sherlock Holmes..!