Shoulders, Migraines, and Drugs (oh my)!

During the past few years, I have been working with my doctor and other specialists to treat my ongoing medical conditions better, particularly migraines and chronic shoulder pain, but also others. Here I wanted to keep a record of what I/we have discovered, and I hope it may be of use to other people perhaps with similar perplexing symptoms; HOWEVER please remember that if you are experiencing any of these things for yourself – consult your doctor. #migraines #chronicpain #shoulder Continue reading Shoulders, Migraines, and Drugs (oh my)!

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There’s more coming soon

I’ve got quite a bit of writing to do in the next few weeks, my book and TV reviews need writing and publishing asap – before I watch and read any more! I’ll be working on these probably fairly slowly in the next week or so, as my shoulder condition – that’s a very long story (6 years it’s been giving me trouble, so far) … Continue reading There’s more coming soon

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My struggle with migraines

I just wanted to write a short update (well it started out as short) to describe how suffering with migraines interferes with having a normal life. I’ve had an attack today, and as it happens it’s Migraine Awareness Week, which is run by the Migraine Trust at Quite frankly, migraines are the main reason that I have missed more than my fair share of … Continue reading My struggle with migraines

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I know I’m stressed, but that’s not such a bad thing.

I’ve been told recently that I should avoid stressful situations, because stress causes migraines.  That’s a very simplistic take on an extremely complex subject.  I’m not sure that avoiding stress is even possible, or more realistically, should I?  I may not get out of bed in the morning.  Ever again.

Continue reading “I know I’m stressed, but that’s not such a bad thing.”

Night Driving.. and Flashers!

This is just one of those “pet peeve” posts really.  A soapbox moment, if you will…

Night Driving

Over the winter months I’ve had to do a fair amount of driving to and from work and university.  Being in the UK over winter generally means that you’re driving in the pitch black both mornings and evenings.  As a migraine sufferer I’ve always found it dazzling looking at oncoming headlights and bright tail lights for the hour-plus commute. Continue reading “Night Driving.. and Flashers!”