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I know I’m stressed, but that’s not such a bad thing.

I’ve been told recently that I should avoid stressful situations, because stress causes migraines.  That’s a very simplistic take on an extremely complex subject.  I’m not sure that avoiding stress is even possible, or more realistically, should I?  I may not get out of bed in the morning.  Ever again.

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Passed my January Exams!

Our results came out this afternoon for our exams taken just a few weeks ago in January.  I was unsure how I had done, but happily I PASSED! (Does the Happy Dance!)


No re-takes for me at all so far!  So, that means I have a stack of coursework and one exam for this last semester of classes, then I have to do my own project.. and then I’m done!

Roll on April 2014!


Christian Kane & Friends @ Dingwalls

Earlier this week me and a friend went to see Christian Kane, Brian Nutter, Riley Smith and Jenn Bostic at an amazing and intimate concert at Dingwalls in Camden, London.  I’ve been a big fan of Christian Kane for many, many years (I spent a year living in Oklahoma as part of my first degree in 2002, and found out a bit about him back then) in my opinion he’s got the best singing voice of any male vocalist around today.  I was less familiar with his friends attending the event, it’s great to find out about other new talent.  It’s also really great going to smaller venues to see some of the lesser-known artists, as you get much more of a personal experience.  I was also very impressed with Dingwalls in Camden.  Great atmosphere, good sound set up, and not too over-priced at the bar!

We found out that it was in fact Jenn Bostic’s very first UK appearance, and a good many of us got our hands on advance copies of her album!  She has appeared just this morning on BBC Breakfast news performing one of her songs.  So it looks like its exciting times for her!

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Crochet jacket of awesome!

Hello again internet.
My summer project has been to follow a crochet pattern and make myself a new item of clothing, ready for the colder winter months. I’ve always enjoyed crochet, but almost never do I actually finish what I start! I’m happy to say that I’ve actually succeeded in completing something this time! Yay me!

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Collectormania Milton Keynes. C18

This weekend was not only the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but an annual event (sometimes more than once a year, but I can usually only afford one!) called Collectormania in Milton Keynes (www.collectormania.com/miltonkeynes/) at the MK DONS football stadium. Where personalities from TV and Sport come to meet the fans and sign autographs.

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