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Must Resist!

Happy New Year To All!

I’ve been dying to get back on here and start writing again.. but due to my postgrad MBA course, I’ve had actual “homework” to do! I’ve been keeping a list of topics and ideas, so I don’t forget (because I will).

Right now, I’m working on a group report, which is due to be handed in on the 11th Jan, and then I have some dreaded EXAMS! (Eek!) Therefore, my lack of activity on here, is due to my frenzied attempts to keep up with the nonsense going on elsewhere!

Yours Stressfully…

Wish me luck! Cheers!


The Mundane

I’ve been “fiddling” with the look of my blog, and have decided that the previous template just didn’t have the right formatting options for me.  I liked the graphics, but I was too restricted by the text formatting (or lack, thereof).  So, out with the old.

I think this new template has a nice simple look and feel.  Not too cluttered, not too sparse.. just right!

For now, that is – I am a fickle formatter!

Things to come..

Hello Interwebs.. I’ve been planning to write a handful of new posts, therefore I’ve already created my own backlog of work to do!

So, COMING SOON.. I’ll be reporting on a day trip to Bletchley Park, there’s a few pics from my recent holiday in Spain (which was lovely and sunny), and I might also begin to report on a shoulder injury that I’m working through with the doctors.

My random life, all in one place.

EDIT: find the posts mentioned above posted retrospectively around the dates that they occurred… Or thereabouts..

Day One…

Well, its probably time I started a blog. No real reason.. But you know, the whole world seems to have one, and each is entitled to their opinion! Therefore so am I! The contents of this blog, should I ever get round to using it frequently enough, are entirely my thoughts and opinions. And will probably be nothing but nonsense anyway! Read if you dare! Cheers, everyone. See you in cyberspace! CJ x