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Why I’m probably voting (almost) against my beliefs

So, the UK election is around the corner, and all the parties are clamouring for our votes.  It’s extremely important to use your vote wisely, and vote for what you believe in.  Trouble is, without thinking clearly about the “bigger picture”, your (my) own personal wants and needs, might not necessarily be best for the nation as a whole.

Here’s the thing.  I’m a firm supporter of sustainability issues, and would probably vote for the Green Party given half a chance (and a decent local candidate).  However, I’m concerned that by voting for one of the minority parties which have no chance of actually getting into power on a national scale (at least in the short term), that I’m weakening the position of the major parties and subsequently opening the door to right-wing (lets face it, down right fascist) parties like UKIP.

So, should I stick to one of the major’s for this election?  If someone like UKIP manage to get into any semblance of power, I’ll no longer want to be associated with this country.  I’ll emigrate!

Perhaps for the short term, a strategic vote might keep the extremists at bay.  Maybe.

EDIT: Read what each manifesto says regarding Climate Change and Energy:


Back to the Booklearning: Corporations

So, I’ve started back at university for my second year of study for my Master of Business Administration (MBA). I was both surprised and pleased when I found out earlier in the year that I had passed the first year without to much bother. By which I mean, I didn’t have to retake anything.. There was definitely “bother” when it came to my stress levels! (I do find that I set my own bar too high; I am something of a perfectionist. So when I metaphorically drop the ball, I get really frustrated!).

Now we’re back at the hard graft. For me, this means hours and hours with my head stuck in books. And not the nice easy to read kind, the slow laborious facts and figures kind! I must admit that I am quite lucky to be able to read quite fast (I read The Green Mile in less than 2 days, a few years back – 800+ pages). So actually getting through the quantity I have to read isn’t too bad. Remembering all the content, well that’s another story!

The book I’m currently reading is called “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” by Joel Bakan. (via Goodreads)

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