#UKElection2017 Hashtag stats. My Annual Political Post.

UK people! If you haven’t already gone out and voted. Please do.

Personally, I can’t bring myself to vote for a party that is leading us into chaos and an economic disaster.  I can’t believe a word that most of the newspapers publish as they’re all owned by rich businessmen who have the Tories in their pocket to ensure return on their investments – bigger paychecks and dividends to shareholders, whilst avoiding taxes.

When you’ve become a success in business, you also have a responsibility to be a contributing member of society.  I.e. to help those less fortunate than yourselves.  Which is what taxes are for.

Anyway, I’ve done some searching and come up with these LIVE stats on how many people are using either the #VoteLabour or #VoteConservative, etc Hashtags on twitter.  It’s merely a gauge of how many people are talking about which party.

It should be an embedded table – but if the WordPress system just shows a link, click through to see the table on the other site:


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